The beginnings dates back to 2001, with a basic orientation in professional audio technology. Initially, most activities accounted for professional audioequipment maintenance, and planning systems for the sound system, sound recording and reproducing apparatus.

After years of successful operation we have combined our expertise and experience, and began in the development of own products and intermediates both in professional audio technology, as well as other fields of digital technology. We are convinced that, particularly in high-tech skills, and the original solution, small business equivalent pass in hand with major.

The first major project, which we crossed in the fields of digital communications, represent a multi-channel amplifiers switched rectifier. Personals is useful for lectures, conference systems and composite systems, ambient sound, in short, wherever the quality of audio and video communications vital.

In collaboration with businesses that are for our mobile applications developed audio switching rectifiers, which are distinguished by low weight, high efficiency (95%), PFC and zero noise. Most Power-End units are D or high. Class D digital, circuit and regulate the flow of peace, as the opening of transistors, power .. etc..

In this way we achieve a high efficiency of the PA systems that they can easily be adjusted according to the wishes and needs of individual clients.

DSP-we create for the addition of professional recording engineers. The embedded of microcontrollers and FPGA circuits is the development of these components is very quick and easy. Highly developed software, allows us to develop components of the models in a graphical environment or on specific platforms.

Our multi-Players are designed for demanding audio production. These are the players to reproduce all known formats mid, wav, mp3 (MPEG encoding). They are suitable for any installation, to separate players and for archiving audio files, data, video recording and editing.

Digital reverb, Revecon (DRE technology) is our latest product in the field of audio technology. We use it as a supplement to the basic signal for the vocal effect and the effect of such instruments. Added to the optical and coaxial digital output interface S/PDIF standard, the higher the series is USB 2.0 serial transfer. 24 bit/192KHz and 32 bit processing ensure the perfection of sound, which until recently seemed unattainable.

In the field of information technology project developed a touch screen, which is designed so as to support certain features of RFID cards and to have access to confidential information, charging accounts, Internet access ... etc..

In addition to these, in the treasury of our ideas matured in many projects and is awaiting the appropriate time and appropriate conditions for their realization.

Milenko Glavica 2/6/2009 




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