Projects For Sale

projects for sale



diatonic playback accordion project


-superb sound

-SD-card MP3 player, pre-selecting songs

-graphic color LCD TFT 128x128 cca 3.5x3.5cm,on start (power on) we can add your logo or customer logo

-D-class amplifier 2x25Wrms

-battery (8 hours continuous playing)


-output sound system

-Slovenian product, the result of our own knowledge and development

-SD card songs included with song rights (autors permission)




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Revecon 2.0 & 2.1 pro digital multi effect Project


-Low cost,high performance,digital multi-effects

-Superior sound quality,start-up delay time (no pops),clip indicator

-16 bulit-in effects Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger and combined Effect programs:

-24-bit, 96-kHz ADC/DAC

-Stereo input (L+Dmono), stereo output

-Low energy consumption,sps adapter included

-RoHS compliant standard,Pb-free





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MIDI module MPR-1000 with MIDI interface I-0 for mechanical organ project



-MIDI MPR-1000 module consists of the following components:

-MIDI Player and recorder

-MIDI IN unit with keyboard keys max 128

-MIDI OUT unit with end-stage & MIDI Merger

-IR remote


To play and record music for the mechanical organ.

MIDI tracks recorded and playback with SD card.





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-FPGA platform

-intelligent algorithm

-1 Wire bus for connecting to the sensors at a distance

-USB, CAN, RS232 bus

-graphic LCD

-key, IR remote control

-GSM System, telemetry

-ip / TCP Ethernet




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Linux system for airports which includes:


-98% system back-up only two days in a year

-internet site with the synchronization clock

-ordering system and booking tickets through Internet sites

-large LCD or LED rgb monitor arrivals-departures

-32"and 42" Monitors for back side

-gps-by-hour and analogue clock

-IP Telephony



-network,independent Internet service provider

-PA system with noice absorbing design

-PA system for SCH or non SCH

-security Cameras

-security system and infromation




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-ubuntu linux OS

-winamp for linux

-touchscreen selection of songs

-LAN internet connection to server

-a selection of songs from the remote server

-credit set (value and quantity)

-active loudspeaker systems 2x25Wrms 50Wrms woofer

-compact standalone system




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Easy installation of the outer wall of the vessel (the

each material)

There is no need to intervene in the tank (no possibility of contamination of liquid evaporation at the opening

container, reduce the possibility of explosions ...).

It enables reliable, up to date measurements with a significant savings of time and cost of installation and


Measurements are performed with ultrasound.

The sensor is connected to a digital system, which enables:


displaying current measurements on the LCD,

Monitoring changes in the liquid level over a longer period and statistically? no treatment measurements

Setting a system of ongoing information on the state of the liquid level / alarm via SMS or


the possibility of regulating the level of liquids through the automatic management with pumps or. valves and

the mixing of different liquids.





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-linux based platform

-pir sensor to startup

-without a touch panel (kinect sensor)

-remote control

-smart algorithm for recognize voice and face

-app info panel

-local or internet site player




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-for the industrial environment

-communication with gsm module and settings

-sending error warning by SMS (eg. off the mains voltage, phase failure, error linije..itd)

-multifunction sensors (telemetry), alarm conditions and measured values

-power ON devices via sms messages

-battery power durign power failure

-compact module in a metal sealed housing

-supplied adapter and antenna

-low price




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