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From idea to product

How to get there quickly from idea to product in which
used the latest and most powerful electronic
components? These are issues which
daily problems designers of modern electronic
With new approaches in designing, testing and
implementation (Technologies), getting the process more
accelerated. The largest acquisition brings digitization
working procedures, which are used
the most advanced planning environment, supported by
computer technology.
Very famous are computer programs that help us
realization of innovative ideas in the modern manner, as
eg. programs for the construction of electronic schemes,
circuits, they are also testing the tolerances.
These programs simulate the conditions in which they would
encounter if things really constructed, but it can also be
simulated product use in various applications.
Digital technology is an unavoidable part of everyday practice.
Penetration of MCU, which are increasingly present
in market, designers have an increasing number of electronic
components feeling comfortable with digital technology.
Digital products are mainly supported by the PC
communication environment that allows graphical form of the
PC programs (editors, measuring, etc. ..).
The increased use of communication ports,
than conventional serial and parallel to the high speed USB
firewire connections. Finally, the Internet provides a very
good communication and unlimited database, fast
accessing and updating data

Milenko Glavica 9.IX.2002
-developing OS
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