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About Us
We are a team of musicians, acoustics, producers and sound engineers who participate in joint projects for many years. Our creation was started in a small little room, with a few analog keyboards, samplers of 1989, tubes mixing console, in particular, our passion for creativity and music.
The beginnings of good modern software emulators and plug-in program began in 1996, then we also started using this technology. In 1997, we also found that the new product of Swedish programmers straight top, but we start mass use after 2001, since before the hardware equipment that not allowed yet.
So far we have participated in many projects sound synthesis and preparation of new products and every new day presents a new challenge.

We know how important it is superb sound and image processing, we focused on the finalization of audio-mastering and editing of video projects, and perform many other services in this area.
Since we have in the company AudioLogs development department, we use the studio for the purpose of sampling a wide range of instruments for future applications or installation of samples in addition to basic MIDI sound.
We also make special effects with high quality resolution on customer demands.
Since the established multimedia for our clients we perform the digitization and archiving of images from various analog records.
Studio AudioLogs Lab also perform measurements of acoustic devices, which require measurements of the audible frequency spectrum.
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